A highly nourishing facial mask with a gentle exfoliant which will restore and heal irritated skin. Delivers nutrients to the skin cells revealing new and healthy skin tone.. With Organic Honey & Coconut Oil, rich in Cucumber and Vitamin C.

Anti-Aging Mask, 2-in-1 Product

Pia Lauren is proud to offer the Anti-Aging Mask, a 2-in-1 Product, custom designed and created and handed down for generations from Pia’s family in Italy. The anti-aging “secret” of Pia’s family is now available.

A highly nourishing facial mask and a gentle exfoliant which will restore irritated skin, deliver nutrients to cells reveling new and healthy cells, and help to heal and clear the skin of imperfections

Main Active Ingredients: Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Shea, Coffee butter, Avocado, Olive Oil, Green Tea, (Hawthorne, Cucumber, Milk Thistle, Elderberries Botanical Extract), Honey, Sweet Almond, Amino Acids, Vitamin C, among other amazing ingredients

Anti-Aging Mositurizing Healing Mask 4 Oz


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