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I am proud to introduce a new service to our menu – Escape Your Cellulite!

Escape Your Cellulite is the brainchild of Edward Jackowski, Ph.D., the Founder & CEO of Exude Fitness who has developed a fitness program that can rid the body of cellulite through exercising based on your body type.  This program is patented, medically-proven and non-evasive, and has been chronicled in many leading fashion magazines. I have been following their personalized fitness program designed for me for the past five months and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!


So, if you are looking to reshape your body, lose some weight or finally rid your body of problem areas and cellulite, I highly recommend you schedule a session with Exude…


Personalized fitness regimens based on world’s only patented body-type program helps permanently reduce and remove cellulite and eliminate problem areas.


 Each Escape Your Cellulite Assessment & Orientation Includes:


o   Body-type assessment with recommended/not-recommended exercises suited for your body type with a complete review/critique of your current exercise program

o   Current lifestyle assessment including a review of your current medical & orthopedic background

o   Goal setting with full-body measurements

o   Individualized, one-on-one personal training session based on body type

o   Eight-day nutritional plan

o   Hard copy of best-selling book Escape Your Shape

o   Digital copy of Cellulite Facts & Tips

Price: $99.00

About Exude Fitness

Since its establishment in 1985, Exude Fitness has been chronicled by a wealth of television shows including Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, The Today Show, World News Tonight, and Entertainment Tonight, and has been featured in a myriad of publications, including the New York Times, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, InStyle, and Tatler.


Exude Fitness is one of the country’s oldest and largest motivational one-on-one personal training companies that uses medically-proven solution-based fitness methods coupled with the world’s only patented method of exercising based on body types. Exude helps clients achieve their fitness, health, and aesthetic goals despite any constraints that get in their way. The staff helps clients change their body by troubleshooting problem areas and creating an optimal exercise blueprint for each individual and their unique body type. Experienced fitness consultants work with clients of all ages, and can tailor a program based on each client's lifestyle, current fitness level, and medical or orthopedic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis and those with back and knees issues. Encouraging clients to exercise in the environment they feel most comfortable in reaching their goals, Exude's staff can also come to your home, work place, or gym in the tri-state region to help clients perform each of its exercise programs utilizing minimal equipment and space.

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Please Call 212-644-9559 or 917-710-8311 to book your Escape Your Cellulite Assessment and Orientation


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