Advance Clinical Skincare

by Laura Achilles

Laura Achilles is an Aesthetician/ makeup artist with over 30 years experience in the skincare industry. She specializes in advanced clinical treatments using the latest FDA approved technology such as ultrasound, LED light and micro current and more!

Most Popular

Platinum "8" Ultra Sound Non- Invasive Facial Rejuvenation

Combines eight treatments in on using state of the art technology to aid in premature aging. 

FDA approved. 

8 [1 Hour Sessions]

$125 - Intro Price

$175 - Regular Price

$700 - Package of 8

Thermal Therapy: Gently sends warm waves of ultrasound energy readying the skin for cleansing, exfoliation and nutrients absorption. 

Thermal Therapy: Cools & Calms skin, closes pores and is anti- inflammatory soothing for rosacea.

Ultrasonic Peel: Painlessly exfoliates dead cells and lightens pigmentation

Diamond Dermabrasion: Rejuvenates sun damaged skin, reduces acne scars, blackheads, whiteheads, oiliness, & fine lines. 

Facial ultrasound:  Beneficial for wrinkle reduction, increases moisture retention, skin tone . collagen production, tissue healing. Plumps and lifts. Balances cellular energy.

Ultrasound Eye Treatment: Reduces fine and deep lines, swelling and dark circles. Includes many of the facial benefits above.

Ultrasound Infusion: Uses mild waves of ultrasound to open pathways in the skin to drive in up to 1000% more nutrients.

Cold Laser Therapy: Uses light energy to stimulate cellular regeneration, balancing all skin functions, restoring youthful glow. Blue is effective in neutralizing acne. 

The Lunchtime Face-lift by Knutek

Gives an instant lift with visible results after one treatment.

Introductory Price $100.00


Regular Price $125.00

Dermacycling by Knutek MD

Uses LED light & miccrocurrent and patented knutek products that treat wrinkles, fine lines, acne, rosacea and hyper pigmentation. All can be achieved in a series of treatments. 

Introductory Price |

6  Sessions $100.00


Regular Price |

6 Session $125.00

Ultrasonic Peel Acne/ Rosacea Treament | 1 Hour

Pain free alternative to traditional exfoliation and extraction of the skin proven immediate changes in acne scarring, rosacea without chemicals and medication,

Introductory Price | $75.00


Regular Price | $95.00

Diamond Dermabraision w/ Ultrasound | 1 Hour

Deeply exfoliates the skin and ultrasound  calms down the skin. Using patented Knutek MD products to help lighten and clear the skin of dark spots and uneven tones.

Introductory Price | $75.00


Regular Price | $95.00

FREE 15 minute Complimentary LED Light Therapy Treatment with booking of any other treatment!!!!

LED Light Therapy - 30 Minutes

Infrared light can reverse the signs of aging. Dramatic tightening or the skin, smooths wrinkles, scarring, blemishes and hyper pigmentation. Specific LED light used to treat each problem desired. 

Introductory Price | $50.00


Regular Price | $75.00

Depigmentation Facial w/ LED Micro-current | 1 Hour


Using patented Knutek MD products to help lighten and clear the skin of dark spots and uneven tones.

Introductory Price | $75.00


Regular Price | $95.00

Triple Oxygen Infused w/ LED Light/ Microcurrent by Knutek MD

Revives and Replenishes skin cells. This treatment plumps up the skin leaving it hydrated and younger looking .

Introductory Price | $90.00


Regular Price | $125.00

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Location: 173 Post Rd | Fairfield CT

Extra info: 

LED Light Therapy
(Cold Laser)

Light Therapy uses 7 types of infrared wave lengths of light to heal the skin. Unlike a laser, which can be intense enough to burn the skin, the LED's used in this device cannot damage the skin. They do produce enough light energy to stimulate the skin and underlying tissues to rejuvenate themselves.

Sunlight damages the skin, where as photo rejuvenation heals. The treatment is relaxing, gentle, and 100% pain free. The LED light penetrates the skin without harmful side effects. That is why the FDA has approved LED light therapy for consumer use. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.


NASA was the first to discover the benefits of the LED lights and has been used in healthcare for half a century. The LED's use anon-invasive procedure that activates skin cells, like photosynthesis. This takes sunlight and converts it into food energy in plants. The LED's light emitting diodes use unique in their ability to produce the same specific light frequencies as lasers without damaging tissue.

LED Therapy helps aid in the following:

● Fights Bacteria on the skin
● Treats Pore size by moisturizing the skin
● Reduces Acne and Scars
● Diminishes redness as seen in Rosacea
● Diminishes bacteria, inflammation and scars
● Anti-Aging helps sagging skin especially the jowls or chin area

LED Light Therapy used in conjunction with other spa treatments you will see breakthrough results in treatment times.

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